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    It is a good idea to do as much preparation as possible. That's one of the reasons it takes a while to get ready for a long range desert trip. The more you can get done, the better your trip should be. This is a brief of the most basic things you should look for before every trip.

    The most obvious is vehicle choice. Please click the links to Mick's articles explaining what to look for & why -: Vehicle Suitability for Long Range Desert Work;  Driving Tips for the Western Deserts  &  Road Conditions.

    For some idea of why it is all necessary please click the link to Mick's season Vehicle Reports. You will see what problems actually occurred during those seasons and how they were fixed. For the most ignored vehicle problems that we see in regard to maintenance please click this link...Vehicle Problems. For tips on what to leave at home (or not buy in the first place) click here -:  Gear You Don't Need.

    For more detail follow the links at the bottom of the page.



    If you can, get hold of a copy of the repair/workshop manual for your vehicle. If something unusual goes wrong they become very handy. In fact read it before you leave home as well.


    Modern vehicles have more electrical bits & pieces, makes sense to carry a few more spares for such things.


    Vehicle suspension is one of the most misunderstood aspects of long range desert travel. The springs on your vehicle will not normally stand carrying up to a tonne of gear on roads that haven't been maintained for forty years in the western deserts.


    Shock absorbers do not last forever. They are an expensive consumable item much the same as tyres.

Gas Shocks

Hydraulic Shocks

Land Rover with flat tyre TYRES

    Best tyre choice will depend on what type of trip you are doing. Make sure your tyres are in good condition and have more than 60% of the tread left on them. If you are unsure about tyres give us a call or email to have a yarn about it. We spend much of our time devoted to tyres.




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