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Oxford Dictionary : Tour - a journey through a country, town or building etc visiting various places or things of interest


    Tours for example would travel the Anne Beadell, Connie Sue or Gunbarrel Highways and include all of the sites and features along the route as well as the history of the area. Sensible preparation is required and basic facilities such as fuel, water, showers and food items will be available from the various Roadhouses several times during the tour. We normally average about 150 kms per day with a day-off from travelling mostly included.

    One of Beadell Tours main aims is to make sure you return home after the trip knowing far more about the Australian western deserts than when you left. To do that we offer smaller groups more points of interest and more historical information at a slower pace.

      Tag-a-long vehicles & camper trailers are welcome to join our tours.

    Vehicle & Tyre choice is an important consideration for all tours and expeditions. Please click the links to Mick's articles explaining what to look for, as well as what to expect in regard to road conditions -:

    Vehicle Suitability for Long Range Desert Work

    Tyre Choices for Normal and Heavy Work

    Road Conditions in the Western Deserts


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** Please note -: Final itineraries for all trips are dependent on permit approvals **



and Land Rover 70th


Gunbarrel Hwy, Amata, Kalka & Blackstone Communities, Warakurna Roadhouse, Rawlinson Ranges, Old Gunbarrel, Warburton, Mt Beadell & "Carnegie" Station

    From "Victory Downs" Station we travel west on Len’s most famous road detouring to places of significance along the way. The Gunbarrel passes through some stunning landscapes, with multiple coloured ranges. Explorers such as Giles, Gosse & Forrest named these beautiful features more than 140 years ago. These areas are very difficult to obtain permits for. Most travellers never see what is known as the central ranges.

    We also visit several Aboriginal Communities in the Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra Lands who express their culture and stories through unique artwork, a good opportunity to see and speak to the locals and take home a souvenir that will evoke sharp memories of the country for many years to come.

    The Rawlinson Range brings us to Giles Weather Station, the most remote weather facility in Australia, set-up originally for weather forecasts for the atomic testing to the south. Picking up the Gunbarrel Highway and continuing west we slowly pass through the sandhills and Desert Oaks that hold the 144 year old secret of Alfred Gibson. Warburton facilities are a chance to refresh before heading further into Gibson’s Desert. Aboriginal rockholes, Beadell plaques and more history are paramount as the Gunbarrel Highway brings us back into cattle country at "Carnegie" Station.

(Permits depending we may be able to offer extra sites during this trip.)

Len's drawing at GilesGunbarrel Highway


    Distances including detours








    A slow and relaxed pace will give everyone a chance to experience the changing desert environment and absorb the huge amount of history Beadell Tours has to offer.

    Departing Nullagine we head east through remote pastoral country to the Davis & Oakover Rivers, then we enter the Great Sandy Desert passing by the enormous Telfer Gold Mine. We then turn south into Rudall River National Park, a very remote area with no facilities & plenty of history. From there we travel east on the last track Len & the boys made in 1963, the Windy Corner Road. Passing over the Canning Stock Route at Wells 23 & 24 we head into the sandhills & undulations of the Little Sandy Desert. Reaching Windy Corner we join the Gary Highway & run south along the western edge of Gibson’s Desert. In this country Giles passed by in 1876 & Carnegie pressed through in 1896. Travelling through the Young Range we reach Everard Junction & the famous Gunbarrel Highway completed in 1958. Heading west we travel to the ancient nomad meeting place, Mungkilli Claypan then south again on the David Carnegie Road passing Empress Spring along the way. A day off at Laverton, a small mining town with a colourful history, allows time for a break then the last leg will begin along the famous Anne Beadell Highway.

    The Anne Beadell takes us through the heart of the Great Victoria Desert, the largest in Australia. Steeped in history & landforms the western Anne Beadell is a surprise packet for most travellers. Ilkurlka Roadhouse is next then the border and we enter South Australia. Reaching the 1953 Emu Atomic test sites we tour the remains of the most secret location in the southern hemisphere during the early cold war years. We leave the desert once we pass through the Dog Fence to reach the opal town of Coober Pedy.

    Beadell Tours specialise in history, our trips are focussed on it like no other. Aboriginal occupation stretching back into the distant past, the earliest white explorers who passed through quickly, the progress of the post war years when men such as Len Beadell left their mark on our young Australian nation. Connie relates the history of the road constructions from copies of Len’s diaries and family anecdotes. Be prepared to return home with a different opinion about the western deserts than before the trip.

Empress Spring
Carnegie's Empress Spring












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Travel Information - general guide to touring with us
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Road Conditions - what to expect
Tyre Information - detailed help regarding tyres, tubes and repairs
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