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    Currently at the moment there are three main types of camper trailer with many variations upon the three themes. I’ll just go through them quickly with a brief description and what Connie & I see as the advantages & disadvantages for long range touring in the western deserts.


Soft Floor Campers

    These are the least expensive types of camper trailer and for many serve as a stepping stone before investing in something else. Basically they look much like a standard box trailer with a large thick covered bag sitting on top of them. The principle is simple; that big soft top is actually a large canvas tent arrangement that folds out while still attached to the trailer. The main double bed is usually placed on top of the trailer shell and the tent folds up on top of it when it is packed away. These set-ups usually give you plenty of room under cover and once you learn how to erect them and pack them up are reasonably efficient in general.




Typical soft floor camper

Typical soft floor camper.
In this image, the bed has been lifted to access storage underneath.


Hard Floor Campers

    For the dedicated 4WD traveller, the hard floor camper is the most popular in our experience. These models are easy to spot. They don’t look like a box trailer at all. They are usually a fairly solid-looking design with very little to indicate how they work if you are unfamiliar with them. If you look at the rear of the trailer you will see some sort of hinge set-up so the top half of the trailer can flip over backwards and become the hard floor of the integral canvas tent. It is a simple principle well designed for bush use and has stood the test of time.




Typical Hard Floor Camper

Typical hard floor camper set-up.


Hybrid Campers

    The best way to describe these is simply as a small caravan the same width as your vehicle, that about sums it up. Not much else to say really.




Hybrid off-road camper

Hybrid off-road camper.



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