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Oxford Dictionary : Expedition - a journey or voyage for a particular purpose especially exploration


    Expeditions will spend considerable time travelling off-track through the deserts, retracing the history of our explorers in the 19th century. History & exploration is the major focus of these trips. Expeditions are opportunities to experience country few people will ever see.

    Facilities may be limited to the extent that fuel and water drops are required during the trips. A travel average off-track of about 40 kms a day is normal. Vehicles must comply with several preparation requirements such as; fuel & water volumes, tyres & tyre repair gear and vehicle spares.

    If you're interested in an expedition; preparation advice, trip reports and all manner of information will be made available.

    Vehicle & Tyre choice is an important consideration for all tours and expeditions. Please click the links to Mick's articles explaining what to look for, as well as what to expect in regard to road conditions -:

    Vehicle Suitability for Long Range Desert Work

    Tyre Choices for Normal and Heavy Work

    Road Conditions in the Western Deserts


** Please note : we prefer that order forms & deposits are returned by the end of January for booking & permit purposes **


David CarnegieLarry WellsTalbot (left) & Hann
         David Carnegie                                              Larry Wells                            Frank Hann (right) with Talbot


** Please note -: Final itineraries for all trips are dependent on permit approvals **




    There are a small percentage of people in Australia that have an intense interest in early Australian history. Most folks read books and research their favourite subject while looking at a map from the comfort of their home. There is a far smaller, you could say tiny, group of folk who actually go out into very remote country with the dust & flies and search for forgotten sites used by explorers, settlers & Aboriginals. Beadell Tours are part of that miniscule group of people who are comfortable in the most remote desert country Australia has to offer. We have been doing it for years.

    In 2017 we are focussing on part of Carnegie’s 1896 route as well as some of the 1892 Elder Expedition led by Larry Wells, Frank Hann also plodded through the same area early in the 1900s & we’ll have a look for some of Frank’s sites as well. The north west of the vast Great Victoria Desert is a mixture of landscapes; some sandhills, some undulations and quite a few isolated ranges and scattered hills. Hidden away in these features are the water sources the explorers found & used as they passed through. Obviously these places were very well known to the local people, the nomadic Aboriginals. Even now these features do not have roads or tracks to them so the only way to see & explore them is to travel across country through the bush the hard way. We anticipate 600-700 kms of off-track travel. The remainder will be a mixture of reasonable roads, good tracks and overgrown wheeltracks. This will be an extremely interesting trip for those keen on explorers, natural history, Aboriginal culture and doing something different.

    Detailed maps of our intended route and other details will become available as the off-track navigation for the trip takes shape. If you have any questions drop us a line.


Range country

    Information will be supplied about off-track travel and
    what is required to participate in a month long expedition.
    These trips are unique and well worth the effort.







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Tyre Information - detailed help regarding tyres, tubes and repairs
Vehicle, Koni & Communications - choices and help with common problems
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