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4WD TYRES   Land Rover with flat tyre


** Please note -: we do not sell tyres **


Click here to jump below to Mick's  Tyre Repair demonstrations & kits -
see a movie slideshow of why you need a tyre repair demonstration.......



New articles include tubeless vs split rims and tube information
plus season reports and tips has been updated.

** PLEASE READ THIS FIRST -:  Tyre Choices for Normal & Heavy work.


fixing tyres
Fun for the whole family.......

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Tyre Pressure Monitors

The 4PSI Rule   (only for highway work)

Tyre Footprint comparison

Tyre construction and applications

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Tubeless vs Split Rims - Safety & Tyre Repair issues

MRF tyres - Bias & All Steel Radials

MRF Australian Distributors (updated Nov 2016)


Specialising in 4WD and Light Truck tyres
Major and Minor repairs to damaged tyres
Contact Mick Hutton:
0408 841 447
Please note - the service is only available for the months of October through to April.
flat tyre



Please click the Play button to find out why you need a tyre repair demonstration.......(6 mins 50 secs)

(If you can't see the video, try downloading the WebM codec for Internet Explorer 9+ here WebM codec)
For any 4WD Club or group wishing to know more Mick is available over the summer months to come to you and conduct a full-blown tyre repair demonstration.
Topics include tubeless & split rim tyre repairs (temporary, minor & major), tubes, construction, pressures, legalities, repair kits, hand tools, hints, tips & techniques.
Finally get those nagging questions answered. No brand names, no marketing, just how to deal with tyres & rims when you're in the bush far from the nearest town.



Mick's tyre repair demo Nov 2015Mick's tyre repair demo Nov 2015

Mick giving a tyre repair demonstration - Land Rover Club, Sydney - Nov 2015




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