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September 2017 Tour Summary


Interesting Data

Started Tour, Newman W.A. – September 13th at 9:04 am
Finished Tour, Kulgera Roadhouse N.T. – September 30th at 2:37 pm
Days of travel = 17
Weather in general - Pretty warm for the first fortnight then rain in the last few days
GPS Odometer = 2310.5 kms
Engine time for entire trip = 64.13 hours
Average daily travel = 135.9 kms
Average daily engine hours = 3.77 hrs/day
Average speed = 36 kms/hr
Most distance travelled in one day (September 13th) = 222.5 kms
Least distance travelled in one day (September 21st) = 48.9 kms
Coldest morning = 5.6o C morning of September 28th
Camps – Newman, Warburton & Kulgera - all other camps were in the bush

Tyre Troubles x 5 - see website 2017 tyre report for more detail

2 x tubeless tyres with small sidewall stakes
2 x tubeless tyres with small shoulder stakes
1 x bias tyre with shoulder stake
All tyres repaired & either back in service or holding pressure as spare

Vehicle Problems - see website 2017 vehicle problem report for more detail

Vehicle needed jump starting a couple of times
Same vehicles cranking battery failed – replaced at Amata – electrical system seemed OK

Wildlife (things noted in Mick's daily log)

dingos, mulga parrots, galahs, crows, magpies, wedge tail eagles, honeyeaters, red roos, western grey roos, pied & grey butcher birds, brown falcons, kestrels, wood swallows, black faced cuckoo shrikes, ground cuckoo shrikes, ring neck parrots, gecko, owls, nightjars, quail thrush, crested bellbird, wedgebills, babblers, zebra finches, black kite, topknot pigeons, bronze wing pigeons, brown snake, camels, bustards, rainbow bee-eaters

Fuel Figures for 2005 Land Rover Defender TD5, 130 Dual Cab - Bias 7.50-16

Fuel used = 288.3 Lts
Average consumption = 12.48 Lts/100kms
Average fuel used per day = 16.9 Lts
Hourly average = 4.50 Lts per hour
Best daily fuel figure = 10.84 Lts/100kms – September 25th
Worst daily fuel figure = 15.80 Lts/100kms – September 17th


Mick Hutton & Connie Sue Beadell
Beadell Tours, October 2017



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