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    It will surprise most people to find out that Australia has legitimate Standards for the repair of tyres. Basically damage to most tyres within certain dimensions can be repaired legally, as long as the appropriate rules are followed.

    The following information will not allow you to repair tyres, but it will demonstrate that repairs are possible and there are qualified blokes about who have the gear and expertise to do such tyre repairs.

    Most of you at one time or another will have approached a tyre dealer with a damaged tyre and been told that it cannot be repaired. Just to annoy you a bit more you have had to purchase a new replacement on top of throwing away a tyre with plenty of good rubber left on it. This is a very common occurrence these days. It would be more accurate to say it is common practise.

    If you felt a bit ripped off at the time, there is a fair chance you were.

    The general reason why a tyre won't be repaired is that the fellow you went to see does not have the gear or experience to do it correctly. The second part of the excuse is that they are far better off (from their point of view) selling you a new tyre. You can't sue them for the faulty repair that caused you to run off the road, if they fitted a new tyre for you! Let's face the facts, 90% of tyre shops are in business to sell tyres, not fix them. That is just how it is these days, like it or not!

    Now before you get all hot and bothered about this there are several points that need to be recognised. There are rules and specifications that are in place for the repair of tyres, so before a tyre can be repaired it has to satisfy all or some of the following.

Cooper STT shoulder stakewrecked tyre

This is repairable.....                                 This is not.....


Tyre Manufacturers Repair Specifications

    The Tyre Manufacturer's repair specifications take precedence over all other standards. However it may be of interest to know that most of the manufacturers do not seem to have any repair standards. At least they won't let us see them. Next time you are in a tyre shop or at a 4WD show front up and ask any of the tyre mobs for some repair specifications…good luck.

    If there are no manufacturers repair specifications then the tyre can be repaired in accordance with the Australian Standard and the Repair Material manufacturers specifications, these do exist.


Repair Material Manufacturers Specifications

    Beadell Tours use Rema Tiptop products for all tyre repairs. Rema have repair charts readily available and an extensive range of gear to keep your rubber in one piece. Call into a Rema Tiptop warehouse and have a yarn to the blokes there, pick up a copy of the Catalogue as it has the Australian Valid Repair Charts in them for both Radial & Bias tyres. This basically covers what size damage can be repaired on the different sized tyres, but that is all.

    Other Repair Material Manufacturers may have their own specifications. Beadell Tours hasn't used anything else but Rema Tiptop so we are not sure.

Be very aware that there is far more to tyre repair than slapping a patch over some damage and roaring off down the road. Do not attempt tyre repairs unless you are qualified to do so.


Australian Standard 1973-1993 - Third edition

    In a nutshell the Standard outlines very clearly what can and can't be repaired for each of the Tyre types; Passenger Car Tyres, Light Truck Tyres & Truck/Bus Tyres. It is that simple.

    Having a copy of the Standard does not allow you to repair tyres. It only illustrates what is allowable currently.

[It is interesting to note that the Australian Standard for tyre repair was not approved by the Associations representing New Tyre Manufacturers, surprise, surprise!!!]

Tyre sidewall tear

This sidewall puncture was repaired to roadworthy condition as per the Standard.


Now what do you do?

    The easiest thing to do now is to find out who does Tyre Repairs in your local area. Our best suggestion is the YELLOW PAGES;


    Ring around and find a bloke that does "Major Repairs" to Passenger and Light Truck tyres. If you can find someone, they should be able to inspect your tyre and if it is within the limits, repair it.

Good luck.





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