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TYRE TYPES - Performance, Damage & Repair

    This is a basic outline of the advantages and disadvantages of the three tyre types explained previously. It is obvious that no one tyre will be able to handle every 4wd condition encountered with 100% success.

    Suggested pressures are listed with the All Steel Radials & Bias tyres. These come from our experience and have worked very well for a fully laden Defender 130.

Keep in mind the context of this comparison;



General performance

Fullfil all legal requirements Thin sidewall construction
Good floatation potential Steel belts prone to rusting if damaged
Wide price range Not all sizes available in outback areas
3 classes of tyre to choose from Sidewalls prone to tearing when damaged
Tubeless & Tubed tyres Too many tyres to choose from


Damage summary


    Obviously if you intend to use Steel Belted Radials Off-Track then be prepared for some extra costs. Steel Belted Radials are great for On-Road & Off-Road and that is where they should be used.



General performance

Very stable On-Road Poor traction in wet conditions Off-Road
Long wear life, deep tread depth Only available in "narrow" sizes
High weight ratings Lower speed rating than standard tyres
Quiet On-Road Highway tread patterns generally
Thick strong sidewall construction Harsher ride quality
Resists staking extremely well Limited availability
Sidewalls do not tear when damaged Most suited to Split Rims
Good floatation Steel belts prone to rusting if damaged

Damage summary


    All Steel Radials are the middle ground between the common Steel Belted Radial and the old-fashioned Bias tyres. If you intend doing only Off-Track work in the sandy deserts then the All Steel Radial is the way to go, but they will need major repairs done eventually.


BIAS PLY TYRES - 12 & 14 Ply

General performance

Impressive stake resistance Will consume more fuel 5% - 10%
Good weight ratings Low speed ratings
Flexible, strong tyre carcass Suited to Split Rims
Highway & traction tread patterns Limited selection available
Inexpensive Only available in "narrow" sizes
Should not require major repairs Floatation can be a problem

Damage summary


    Obviously the advantage is all with the Bias tyre in regard to damage & repair. Due to their construction they simply outlast any Radial tyre while travelling Off-Track. In fact over the last two years none of our Bias tyres have required a major repair at all. That adds up to quite a saving when you consider that the Bias tyres are inexpensive to purchase initially, and the cheapest tyre to maintain during and after extreme travelling conditions such as Off-Track in the western deserts.

    Food for thought......


* Off-Track performance is basically stake resistance to punctures. Australia's deserts & semi-arid country are some of the worst in the world on tyres. Off-track, your number one priority is to keep your tyres inflated. The stronger cased tyres outlast all others.





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