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Oxford Dictionary : Tour - a journey through a country, town or building etc visiting various places or things of interest


    Tours for example would include travel along the Beadell roads and include most of the sites and features along the route as well as the history of the area. Sensible preparation is required and basic facilities such as fuel, water, showers and food items will be available from the various Roadhouses several times during the tour. We normally average about 150 kms per day with a day-off from travelling mostly included.

    One of Beadell Tours main aims is to make sure you return home after the trip knowing far more about the Australian western deserts than when you left. To do that we offer smaller groups more points of interest and historical information at a slower pace.

      Tag-a-long vehicles & camper trailers are welcome to join our tours.

    Vehicle & Tyre choice is an important consideration for all tours and expeditions. Please click the links to Mick's articles explaining what to look for, as well as what to expect in regard to road conditions -:

    Vehicle Suitability for Long Range Desert Work

    Tyre Choices for Normal and Heavy Work

    Road Conditions in the Western Deserts


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Anne Beadell Highway borderCamelsSturt Peas


** Please note -: Final itineraries for all trips are dependent on permit approvals **




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    Beadell Tours make a concerted effort to give people the opportunity to see the desert at its best. To do that effectively we offer slower paced trips with more points of interest.

    From the S.A. Dog Fence we use the Anne Beadell Highway to enter the Great Victoria Desert. We visit Tallaringa Well then Emu. Time is required to see everything at the Atomic Test sites, it was a far larger operation than most imagine. During the trip, road sign Plaques put in place by pioneer road-builder Len Beadell will be seen. His daughter Connie Beadell is now in charge of the Plaque maintenance. Explorers are also a focus, men such as Giles, Tietkens, Lindsay, Forrest, Maurice & Terry.

    From Neale Junction we turn north up the Connie Sue Hwy before heading west from Pt Lillian along the route used several times by explorer Frank Hann from 1903. This set of wheel tracks passes through a number of ranges and connects water sources used by the local Aboriginal mobs, explorers & prospectors. These days Hanns Track is becoming more popular with remote area enthusiasts as it is packed with history, has sweeping desert scenes & very few if any other travellers around. Hanns Track is a real journey through wilderness, such a rare opportunity in these modern times.

    Rejoining the Anne Beadell Highway near Lake Yeo we follow Len Beadell’s famous highway to Yamarna Station and onto the small desert edge town of Laverton. All the while still passing landmarks noted by that hardy old explorer Frank Hann.


Hann's Amys Rock
Frank Hann's "Amys Rock" soak down in gorge - 1903








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    This tour is another in our series of trips with a focus on the roads that Len Beadell & the Gunbarrel Road Construction Party built between 1955 & 1963. Connie relates the history of the road constructions as we travel from copies of Len’s diaries and family anecdotes from the 1950s, 60s & 70s. Mick goes into the details of various explorers who traversed the country we travel through. Names such as Forrest, Wells, Carnegie, Tietkens & Hann will feature heavily throughout the trip. A slow and relaxed pace will give everyone a chance to experience the changing desert environment and absorb the huge amount of history Beadell Tours has to offer.

    Departing the remote Carnegie cattle station we head along the famous Gunbarrel Highway to Everard Junction, turning north we explore the Gary Highway in full before reaching the Canning Stock Route at Well 33 & Kunawarritji Community. Swinging east the Gary Junction Road takes us into the unique expanse of the Great Sandy with forests of Desert Oaks, red sandhills, isolated hills & ranges. An almost untouched wilderness of a size that is hard to comprehend. Turning south from Sandy Blight Junction we travel along Len Beadell’s show piece road toward the area known as the central ranges. The Bloods, Petermann Ranges & Schwerin Mural Crescent come into view, an area that has a vibrant history still within living memory. Following the Petermanns east we pass through the country that Lasseter struggled over while searching for his now fabled reef of gold. The red stone towers of The Olgas eventually rise out of the sandhills in the distance and we reach civilisation at the well-known resort Yulara near the giant monolith of Ayers Rock.

    Rockholes, plants, trees, birds and animals will bring the country to life and we have the time to see them. The entire region has an extraordinary amount of human history spanning thousands of years, a very thought provoking tour on many levels.


Pollock Hills, Gary Jn Rd
Pollock Hills on Gary Jn Road








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    Another Beadell Tour riddled with history and of particular note is the ever-changing scenery. Using both famous desert roads & forgotten wheel-tracks through outback wilderness areas we travel from the Red Centre through the Great Victoria Desert to the vast Nullarbor Plain with its signature big sky vistas & unique Myall woodlands.

    Leaving Ayers Rock & the Olgas behind we head west into the central ranges, an area never seen by the average Australian. Miles of Desert Oaks & enormous blue rocky ridges dominate the area as we enter Western Australia and join the Sandy Blight Junction Road. Reaching the famous Gunbarrel Highway we veer south and reach the Community of Blackstone with its unique artwork and friendly hospitality. Once again on the move we trend west following the old roads that take us to Warburton passing by sites noted by explorer Ernest Giles & his men in 1873. For anyone with an interest in history it is humbling to stand where such men did as they battled to further our knowledge of the country, a country in these areas so little changed from their time.

    Arriving in Warburton we journey down the iconic Connie Sue Highway built by Len & the boys in 1962. This region was the domain of explorer Frank Hann in the early 1900s. We will see many of his sites as we meander south. Passing through Neale Junction we slowly leave the Great Victoria Desert environs and enter into the vast transition country that borders the Nullarbor Plain. It is this area where few folk travel and it is likely we’ll see nobody else for several days. The big sky country of the Nullarbor takes over as we reach Forrest, one of the few manned sidings on the Trans Con’ Line. Trending south east we slowly arrive at Eucla, our final destination where once the Overland Telegraph Morse signals were manually handed from one state to the other before being transmitted once again.

    On the whole an exceedingly interesting trip from the red centre to the southern sea front of the Great Australian Bight, a great display of changing flora.


Rock Art near Blackstone, WA
Aboriginal artwork near Blackstone








(Currently full and with standbys)


    Beadell Tours make a concerted effort to give people the opportunity to see the desert at its best. To do that effectively we offer slower paced trips with more points of interest, the stuff not on the maps!

    Beginning with some exploration of the eastern Nullarbor area, rarely seen or known of in 4WD circles we follow the Old Eyre Highway & Coach Road to Eucla before heading north over the vastness of the Nullarbor Plain, real Big Sky country. Passing through Forrest on the Trans Con’ railway we wander over the northern plain and enter the Myall woodlands of the extensive transition country before getting onto the iconic Connie Sue Highway & the Great Victoria Desert. During the trip, road sign plaques put in place by pioneer road-builder Len Beadell will be seen. His daughter Connie Beadell is now in charge of the Plaque maintenance program with maintenance being carried out every year.

    From Neale Junction we continue north calling in to see many sites noted by explorer Frank Hann in the early 1900s. Rockholes, ranges, bluffs, gorges & chasms are just some of the things to see on our way to Warburton, the old mission from the early 1930s.

    From Warburton we go east and take the old road to Blackstone which takes us right past several sites used by explorers such as Giles & Forrest in the 1870s. The country has changed very little from those times.

    At Blackstone community we have the opportunity to see the famous art centre with its wide range of artefacts illustrating the great cultural history of the local people. Turning north onto the Gunbarrel Highway we come into the central ranges that sprawl for miles on both sides of the border. Once again the country changes with Desert Oak forests and towering landforms filling the horizon. To the east the Olgas loom into view and our adventure concludes at Yulara Resort near Ayers Rock.


Nullarbor country
Nullarbor country








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