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Due to a lack of interest by certain Australian 4WD magazines we have decided to publish stories on our website for you to read and enjoy. The Giles story was written for "Overlander" (with their specifications as to length) but was not published. The only response we had from "4X4 Australia" magazine when broached about the trip was "not interested". We can only assume that the editors are currently more interested in publishing stories that promote the products that they advertise, not ones that include the less popular gear that we prefer to safely complete our expeditions. We also feel that you should have the option of reading about aspects of our country's history, and what can be achieved in normal 4WD vehicles by lots of research and preparation. So hang on to your hats and read on.......


2006 - Giles 1876 Expedition Retrace

2007 - "Unseen Country" - Carnegie 1897 Return Route Retrace





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