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May 2017 - Summary


Interesting Data

Started Tour, Coober Pedy S.A. – May 2nd at 9:50 am
Finished Tour, Coober Pedy S.A. – May 15th at 11:40am
Days of travel = 14
Several mornings with light dew – weather very good in general
GPS Odometer = 1070.3 kms
Engine time for entire trip = 35.64 hours
Average daily travel = 76.5 kms
Average daily engine hours = 2.55 hrs/day
Average speed = 30.03 kms/hr
Most distance travelled in one day (May 5th) = 113.6 kms
Least distance travelled in one day (May 7th) = 36.8 kms
Coldest mornings = May 4th & 10th both 4.2o C just after sunrise
Camps – Coober Pedy, Kingoonya & Glendambo - all other camps were in the bush

Tyre Troubles - (see 2017 tyre report for more detail)

1 x tyre with a slow leak was recorded – tube repaired with patch
1 x spare had poorly fitted tube – tube removed and reinstalled correctly

Vehicle Problems - (see 2017 vehicle problem report for more detail)

Points closing up – distributor plates loose – tightened
Starter motor not engaging – power loss somewhere – jump started couple of times
Flat battery (fridge left on freeze) – jump started – new battery fitted later
Loose wire caught around axle – cut off
Clutch rod/sleeve bolt broken – new bolt fitted
Generator failed at end of trip – made it into Coober OK

Wildlife - (things noted in Mick’s daily log – the birdo’s will have a better list)

dingos, rabbits, wombat, emus, mulga parrots, galahs, crows, magpies, wedge tail eagles, honeyeaters, native hens, red roos, western grey roos, pied & grey butcher birds, brown falcons, kestrels, wood swallows, black faced cuckoo shrikes, ring neck parrots, banded lapwings, gecko, owls, nightjars, quail thrush, crested bellbird, wedgebills, babblers, finches, black kite, thorny devil, caterpillars, topknot pigeons, bronze wing pigeons

Fuel Figures
For Land Rover Defender TD5, 130 Dual Cab - All Steel Radial 7.50R16

Fuel used = 119.2 Lts
Engine time = 35.64 hrs
Average consumption = 11.14 Lts/100kms
Average fuel used per day = 8.5 Lts
Hourly average = 3.35 Lts per hour
Best daily fuel figure = 9.86 Lts/100kms – May 5th
Worst daily fuel figure = 14.90 Lts/100kms – May 13th

For one of the Series 1 Land Rovers - 86"

Fuel used = 151 Lts
Distance travelled = 1,071 kms
Average consumption = 14.1 Lts/100kms

For Series 1 Land Rover - 80" with Brockhouse trailer

Fuel used = 189 Lts
Distance travelled = 1071 kms
Average consumption = 17.6 Lts/100kms


I have included below summaries of several of our commercial "normal" trips with modern vehicles from past years so a comparison can be made between our Series trip and what we do normally.

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Mick Hutton & Connie Sue Beadell
Beadell Tours, May 2017



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