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September/October 2016 Tour Summary


Interesting Data

Started Tour, Esperance W.A. – 21st September at 8:00 am
Finished Tour, Coorabie S.A. – 12th October at 3:19 pm
GPS Odometer = 2,576.8 kms
Engine hours for entire trip = 88.9 hours
Average daily travel = 122.7 kms
Average daily engine hours = 4.23 hrs/day
Most distance travelled in one day (September 24th) = 243.4 kms
Least distance travelled in one day (September 27th) = 62.9 kms
Coldest morning =  – 1.4 C just after sunrise - September 26th
One full day off in Eucla
After Israelite Bay we saw only about a dozen vehicles in the bush
A little bit of road clearing of limbs & timber debris as usual
Camps – Esperance, Caiguna Road House, Eucla, Nullarbor Road House & Coorabie Farm Stay
      - all other camps were in the bush (with a couple in National Parks)

Tyre Troubles - (see 2016 tyre report for more detail)

8 flat tyres
      • 5 x Tubeless tyre problems – sidewall stakes & stone damage
      • 3 x Split Rim/Tubed problems – tube quality & fitting problems
      • All tyres repaired & useable

Vehicle Problems - (see 2016 vehicle problem report for more detail)

Brake fluid missing – bit of a mystery, never found where it went
One vehicle had many alarms while travelling – car is too smart
Air filters & radiators – very dusty, blew them out now & again
Clutch trouble – replaced Slave cylinder, better, but Master needs changing as well

Wildlife - (things noted in Mick's daily log)

Bustards, Camels, Dingos, Goannas, Blue Tongue Lizards, Sleepy Lizards, Mulga Parrots, Galahs,
Crows, Magpies, Zebra Finches, Wedge Tail Eagles, Major Mitchell’s Cockatoos, various Honeyeaters,
Kestrels, Boobook Owls, Barn Owls, Swallows, Red Roos, Western Grey Roos, Bronze Wing Pigeons,
Pied Butcher Birds, Brown Falcons, Little Button Quail, Sooty Oyster Catcher, Pied Oyster Catcher, Silvereye,
Rock Parrots, Dolphins, Whales, Spotted Harriers, Pelicans, many varieties of Duck, Grebes, Cranes, Egrets & Gulls

Fuel Figures - for Land Rover Defender TD5, 130 Dual Cab - Bias 7.50-16 14 Ply

Fuel used = 300.0 Lts
** Average consumption = 11.64 Lts/100kms
Average fuel used per day = 14.3 Lts
Hourly average = 3.37 Lts per hour
Best daily fuel figure = 9.17 Lts/100kms – 2nd October (huge tailwind)
Worst daily fuel figure = 15.71 Lts/100kms – 28th September (slow travel on rough track)

      ** Using Bias tyres adds 1 – 2 Lts/100kms over Radial tyres normally


Mick Hutton & Connie Sue Beadell
Beadell Tours, October 2016



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